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Fivestar Dynertek (FS Dynertek) is one of the leading providers of metal products manufacturing. Founded in 1978, we develop, manufacture and market solutions for many of the most renowned companies in the industry. The portfolio of our manufactured products comprises production machineries for steel drum, transformer radiator, automotive parts and elevator door panel as well as copper alloy parts. Our products can be found in the workshop of over 80% domestic steel drum, 70% Transformer Radiator manufacturers, and more than 15 countries and areas.
Fivestar Dynertek (FS Dynertek) is committed to provide one-stop solution for metal products manufacture, including industries of Steel Drum, Transformer Radiator, Automotive, Elevator and Copper Alloy parts, etc. We offer customized solutions for clients’ projects and provide perfect after-sales service. You’are very welcome to consult us for your products and projects. 
Dynertek Machinery’s success is based on some few but crucial strategies: specialised knowledge of mechanical engineering and the detailed customer service, production best quality equipment, operating to the most stringent of quality standards, and most especially by the skills of its highly motivated staff. 
Learn more about our company, our production sites, and the people who give their best every day at Dynertek: their experience, expertise, commitment and dedication for ever-better and more sustainable packaging systems.

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